Look How They’ve Grown!!!

Look at this!  The small trees in the background were planted last October, and the big tree in the foreground was part of the 2009 planting (ignore the big eucalyptus trees in the far background).  All the rest of the 2009 trees are equal in size to the one in the foreground. It’s amazing to see the size difference in just one year of growth!

Those little trees will begin to grow rapidly this summer. It will take a few years to catch up, but before long we are going to have 325 really large trees!

All of the trees are doing well this winter. I sprayed with an organic copper application to prevent peacock spot, which can appear on olive trees and eventually harm them. A new ATV mounted sprayer was a big help.

We assumed that the first pruning of the older trees would happen this winter. But my orchard consultant, Sean McEntire, advised me to let the trees grow another year. Next winter might be a busy one!

I want to keep this post short, like I hope the winter will be, so I’ll save more updates for later.  For now, I’m really looking forward to Spring and watching the new trees begin to grow!