Goble Ranch Honey

IMG_2901About a year ago, a bee keeper approached us about keeping their bees at our Ranch. These are traveling bees that have quite an annual schedule. They go from North Dakota during late summer to pollinate clover fields, to our place in Sunol during the winter, to the Fresno area where they pollinate almond trees, then back to Sunol in late spring where they feed on the eucalyptus trees, olive trees and wildflowers.

We just received our first batch of Goble Ranch produced honey and it is absolutely yummy! I am not an expert on honey, but never expected Eucalyptus/Olive/Wildflower honey to be so flavorful yet mild. After several days of sticky bottling, we have bottles all ready to go!
For a limited time, purchase two 500 ML bottles of olive oil and we will include a free 12 oz jar of Goble Ranch Honey PLUS a free bar of our Lavender Olive Oil Soap!! If you prefer to order our oil in different sized bottles, just order $50 or more of D’Oliva oil and you’ll receive the same great bonus.

To get this great deal, on the checkout page enter SWEETDEAL in the Order Notes box.


California Grown!

D’Oliva Olive Oil recently joined California Grown, which connects Californians with the farmers who grow and produce their food. We have always loved connecting with the people who use our oil because it allows us to share the value of extra virgin olive oil. Farmers have a lot of stories to tell and want to share them so you can really understand where your food comes from.

It goes beyond telling stories, though. We love hearing from people who use our olive oil! It’s great to learn about new recipes, hear reactions to the taste, or find out how much somebody enjoyed receiving D’Oliva as a gift. Those stories help us create a better oil.

If you have a suggestion for D’Oliva, or maybe a story to share, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you and find out what makes our oil special to you.

Spring in the Olive Grove

Spring is always my favorite time of year in the olive grove! After some great soaking rains this past winter, it’s my chance to get out there, clean up the grounds, and get an idea of what to expect for the coming harvest season.

Lots of blooms on the trees!

This past week I had a Killdeer Plover trying to distract me away from her eggs (never could find them), did another mowing of the entire field, found an empty nest that had fallen out of one of our trees, and checked for bloom on the trees. Based on what I could see, if most of these blooms set we will have another great harvest this Fall.

It takes a year of careful management to achieve our goal of beautiful ripe olives in the Fall. Assessing water needs, keeping weeds under control, fertilizing, doing soils and leaf tissue analysis…..these are just a sample of what we can do to help the end result.

We tend our trees and make our olive oil with great care. If you don’t have plenty in your cupboard to get through a bountiful summer, be sure to order yours now.

You can order here on our website and have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).

Thank you for supporting us!

Mother’s Day Gift Specials

Mother’s Day is May 8th and we have some great gift ideas for that special Mom in your life! Forgo the typical flowers and candy and give her something thoughtful and original this year.

We have several new Italian made olive wood pieces that pair nicely with our award winning Olive Oil and (now two!) olive oil soaps. Add in a pack of our very own sunflower seeds, and your gift giving is complete!

Choose from three Gift Set options (pictures and links below). Each has a special Mother’s Day price.

Place your order before the end of Monday, May 2nd for this special pricing and Mother’s Day delivery.

Order early because quantities of each set are limited.

We can ship your gift, or we have pick up locations in Pleasanton and Livermore.

Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!



Small Olive Wood Bowl Gift Set


Medium Olive Wood Cutting Board Gift Set


Olive Wood Spatula Gift Set

Olive Oil Prices in Europe Rose 20% in 2015

A long drought combined with disease has had a big impact on the olive harvests in Europe, and prices of olive oil rose 20% in 2015. The International Olive Council said production dropped by one third!

While we sympathize with our friends in Europe, we’re glad to say that D’Oliva has been able to reduce our prices this year! Our last harvest was by far our largest yet, and the quality remains excellent. 

That’s good news for you! Our signature 500 ML bottle is priced at $25 (down from $29 last year). Plus we have several more affordable options if you want to buy a smaller amount.

You can order here on our website and have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).


How To Taste Olive Oil

We’re always being asked great questions from people wanting to learn more about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The California Olive Oil Council released a great (short) video series about olive oil. I’ve attached a link to one about sensory evaluation you might find helpful as you taste olive oil.

If your stock of D’Oliva is getting low, haven’t tried our oil yet, or want to give a great gift, you can order here on our website. You can have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).


California Olive Oil Council

Roy and I spent last weekend in Monterey at the California Olive Oil Council annual meeting. As a small grower we sometimes felt overwhelmed by the huge operators, but it didn’t matter if you had 100 trees or 100,000 trees because all in the industry want to see great things happen with locally grown olive oil.

12670627_10154040417892359_8182975830600442628_nThe panel discussions were led by a wide range of growers, marketing people, judges, retailers, and trade association leaders. Even the exhibitors offered a wealth of information. One sold hand held harvesting devices, which we bought and will try next harvest!

Perhaps the best thing about events like this is simply meeting people. We had conversations with a UC Davis professor, a professional olive oil taster from Italy, a journalist from Modern Farmer Magazine, the executive director of California Grown, and the VP of the Speciality Food Association. It’s encouraging and fun to meet people who are passionate about quality food and great olive oil.

D’Oliva is going to be an even better oil because of the things we learned. Of course it’s already GREAT and we continue to rack up awards despite our small production and limited history as producers.

If you’d like to order oil, remember our signature 500 ML bottle is now priced at $25. You can order here and have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).

Thank you!


See you at the Fair!

In case you missed the news, D’Oliva recently won a Gold Medal from the California State Fair! We have been invited to serve and sell our award winning olive oil at the Fair this Sunday, July 12th, 2015.
We will be at Cal-Expo in Sacramento from 10 am to 4 pm and would love to see any of you who can make it out. Our booth is in Building B – California’s Kitchen at the Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibit and tasting bar.

Special for this event we will be giving away our incredible Lavender Olive Oil Soap with every purchase! This is an $8 value that has become a favorite with our customers. It’s our way of celebrating our inaugural visit to the California State Fair!

If you can’t make it to the Fair, you can always place your order online at our store where you can choose to have it shipped, or pick it up at our Pleasanton or Livermore locations.

We will be at Cal-Expo in Sacramento in Building B – California’s Kitchen at the Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibit and tasting bar. See you there!

We hope to see you soon! And we thank you for your support.

We Won a Gold Medal!


Can we shout that again? Our very first gold medal and we could not be prouder!
2015 Gold Medal
Last year we submitted a bottle of D’Oliva to the California Olive Oil Council and we won a Silver Medal. This year we entered the process again. The olives were beautiful during harvest, but we still didn’t want to let our dreams get too big. Along with many other producers, we were judged for quality, taste, and overall excellence.

And let’s say it again: WE WON A GOLD MEDAL!

There were endless smiles and shouts of joy when we received the email notification. It’s so great to know our hard work is being recognized by outside experts. And the folks at the COOC are truly the top experts. We always knew the oil was good, but we’re thrilled to see others agree!

Now is a good time to stock up. The oil is in short supply due to a small harvest, and with this recognition it is going to go fast.

You can place your order at our online store.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Our New Olive Oil is Here!

2015 D'Oliva-7830
Our latest extra virgin olive oil is now available!

Harvested in late October, the oil has been “racking” since milling. Racking allows for a natural filtration so our oil retains the highest level of quality and a longer shelf life.

The oil is now bottled and ready in our new, larger 500 ML bottles with our new label. And notice the bottle cap – we’re really excited about it because it doubles as a pour spout.
2015 D'Oliva-7821
This year’s blend has a medium robust, buttery taste profile making it perfect for salads, roasted vegetables and grilled meats. It is ready to be the final touch on your favorite foods.

We are excited once again to share with you the fruit (juice) of our labor! Order yours today!

An Interview With D’Oliva’s Founder

We sat down with D’Aun Goble, the founder of D’Oliva, to hear a bit more about the brains (and beauty!) behind this delicious olive oil.
What was your inspiration to start a boutique Olive Oil brand?
“I wanted to do a ‘reinvent’ once my kids were grown.  We had the land available at our family ranch, and I love things that bring together hard work, friends, and good food.  After several years of weekend study at the Mondavi Institute’s UC Davis Olive Center, it was time to just take the plunge.”
Ranch Finals-7061
Why did you choose to plant the varietals that you did?

“There are six Tuscan varietals planted at D’Oliva. We intentionally chose these six because of the flavor profile they would create when blended together, resulting in an intense yet balanced olive oil. With the goal of pairing great olive oil with great food, D’Oliva has succeeded beautifully and I’m really pleased.”

Ranch Finals-7227

Tell us a little about the Goble Ranch, where D’Oliva Olive Oil is grown. 

“The D’Oliva Olive Oil orchard is situated on a family ranch in the small community of Sunol in Northern California. The 120-acre property has most recently been used for cattle and horses, though there are signs that it was terraced and farmed for grapes in the 19th Century.

The climate is much like Tuscany, with warm summers and cool winters, and the property is just far enough from the ocean to avoid consistent fog. The trees are planted on generous 18 foot centers to allow maximum lateral growth in the years ahead. Drip irrigation is used in the dry months of summer and fall and about 14” of rain falls in the winter (when it’s not a drought year!). Weeds are hand pulled, mowed or plowed in the spring. An 8 foot fence keeps the deer from munching on the trees, barn owls are beginning to occupy our beautiful owl boxes, and Killdeer Plover love to lay their eggs at the base of our trees in the spring. It’s a nice community of critters sharing in our land.”

What sets D’Oliva Olive Oil apart from other EVOO oils?
“We are fortunate to have wonderful quality olive oils in California. Unfortunately there are also many oils that claim quality, both in California and around the world, that just aren’t. We take a different approach and share the entire experience so you know exactly how the olives were grown, harvested, milled into oil, then bottled. Our aim is to have integrity in the entire process, and we share a little bit of ourselves in every bottle we make.”
What are some of the hardships you face during the year?
“The olive fruit fly is one of the worst problems and olive groves around the world are dealing with this pest. We are being vigilant to make sure they don’t destroy this year’s crop by monitoring the influx and spraying (with a pretty affective organic product) weekly.  Other than that, critters like gophers, squirrels and moles are determined to dig as many tunnels as they possibly can. Our ranch is often windy (which makes for a nice breeze when working), so keeping the trees staked well and maintaining a balanced canopy can be a challenge.”
Product Shots-8250
Will D’Oliva ever lose it’s boutique feel?
“Not a chance! With only 325 trees we are one of the smallest growers in California.  Our young trees have been great producers, but we will never have a warehouse full of oil.  And because the trees were planted on 18′ centers, hand harvesting will always be our only option (which also makes for a great harvest party!).”
What are your favorite recipe’s to use with D’Oliva Olive Oil?
“My go-to will always be as a salad dressing.  My favorite dressing includes D’Oliva Olive Oil, a quality flavored vinegar (pear chardonnay, fig balsamic, pomegranate vinegar…whatever works with my ingredients) and a good French sea salt. I also love using D’Oliva as a finish on a good steak, with garden fresh tomatoes and basil, with grilled vegetables, or in a savory cake.”
To order D’Oliva Olive Oil please check out our online order form. An online store is in the works and will be released later this year. Make sure to get the delicious 2013 harvest before it runs out!

Spring is Here!

Winter is definitely gone and Spring is here! We can certainly see this in the D’Oliva orchard as the trees come alive with new growth.
Of course everything else in the orchard comes alive too! We are nearly done with weed control for the season. Thankfully (or unfortunately) the work was not as bad this year because of low rainfall totals.

The pesky olive fruit fly becomes active about now and is a challenge throughout the olive growing world. Last year we lost at least 1000 pounds of olives to the little pest, so we’re trapping early and taking extra precautions this year.
The gophers and squirrels also become active. They can harm a root system to the point of killing a young tree. So we’re being vigilant!

Good things come alive as well! It’s routine to see turkeys, deer, coyotes, and other wildlife near the orchard (thankfully outside our eleven foot fence).

It’s a birders paradise with raptors soaring overhead, the owls hunting in the early evenings, and plovers making their nests in the shade of our trees.
We’re grateful to see the orchard thriving this Spring. The early buds on the trees are plentiful so we are looking forward to another great harvest. Even our younger trees are loaded.

So the 2014 harvest looks promising! We have our wonderful 2013 (silver award winning…ahem!) oil still available. You can place your order here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

D’Aun (and all the orchard critters)

Jamie Oliver Loves Olive Oil – Especially on Pizza!

Last week I attended a UC Davis Olive Oil Center seminar about the production of premium olive oil. It was a good event that was well attended.

One of the presenters shared this fun video of Jamie Oliver and his passion for olive oil. I thought it was great and decided it would be fun to post here. He obviously loves olive oil, and hopefully someday he’ll love D’Oliva Olive Oil!