How D’Oliva Makes Great Olive Oil

Our customers love to know about the olive oil process and ask great questions. So we thought you might like to know what steps D’Oliva takes to make sure our oil is fresh when it arrives on your table. Here are just a few things we do to deliver the best oil possible.

Several weeks before harvest, we shut off the irrigation. Excessive water in the olives can cause increased oxidation in the fruit. Oxidation is an enemy to fruit and especially olives.

Prevention of pests throughout the season (our nemesis…the olive fruit fly!) makes a huge difference in the quality of fruit. And harvesting by hand results in minimal damage to the skin of the olive. We take this beautiful fruit to the olive mill, getting it there as soon as possible, before it has time to start breaking down.

Once the oil is milled, it racks for a few months, allowing the sediment to settle out of the oil. Racking allows for a clean oil before bottling, which will store much longer on your shelf.

We store our oil in stainless steel Fustis before bottling into dark amber bottles. In addition to oxidation, light can quickly break down oil quality.

Lastly, our oil stays in a temperature controlled storage room until you pick it up or it is boxed and shipped. This makes a huge difference in how long our oil will stay fresh.
Our next blog post will share best practices in storing and using your olive oil at home.

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PS Below you’ll find pictures of our newest orchard addition Sammie during harvest! Plus fresh oil pouring into a Fusti, and the first shipments of oil ready to go!

Mother’s Day Gift Specials

Mother’s Day is May 8th and we have some great gift ideas for that special Mom in your life! Forgo the typical flowers and candy and give her something thoughtful and original this year.

We have several new Italian made olive wood pieces that pair nicely with our award winning Olive Oil and (now two!) olive oil soaps. Add in a pack of our very own sunflower seeds, and your gift giving is complete!

Choose from three Gift Set options (pictures and links below). Each has a special Mother’s Day price.

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Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!



Small Olive Wood Bowl Gift Set


Medium Olive Wood Cutting Board Gift Set


Olive Wood Spatula Gift Set

Olive Oil Prices in Europe Rose 20% in 2015

A long drought combined with disease has had a big impact on the olive harvests in Europe, and prices of olive oil rose 20% in 2015. The International Olive Council said production dropped by one third!

While we sympathize with our friends in Europe, we’re glad to say that D’Oliva has been able to reduce our prices this year! Our last harvest was by far our largest yet, and the quality remains excellent. 

That’s good news for you! Our signature 500 ML bottle is priced at $25 (down from $29 last year). Plus we have several more affordable options if you want to buy a smaller amount.

You can order here on our website and have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).


How To Taste Olive Oil

We’re always being asked great questions from people wanting to learn more about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The California Olive Oil Council released a great (short) video series about olive oil. I’ve attached a link to one about sensory evaluation you might find helpful as you taste olive oil.

If your stock of D’Oliva is getting low, haven’t tried our oil yet, or want to give a great gift, you can order here on our website. You can have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).


California Olive Oil Council

Roy and I spent last weekend in Monterey at the California Olive Oil Council annual meeting. As a small grower we sometimes felt overwhelmed by the huge operators, but it didn’t matter if you had 100 trees or 100,000 trees because all in the industry want to see great things happen with locally grown olive oil.

12670627_10154040417892359_8182975830600442628_nThe panel discussions were led by a wide range of growers, marketing people, judges, retailers, and trade association leaders. Even the exhibitors offered a wealth of information. One sold hand held harvesting devices, which we bought and will try next harvest!

Perhaps the best thing about events like this is simply meeting people. We had conversations with a UC Davis professor, a professional olive oil taster from Italy, a journalist from Modern Farmer Magazine, the executive director of California Grown, and the VP of the Speciality Food Association. It’s encouraging and fun to meet people who are passionate about quality food and great olive oil.

D’Oliva is going to be an even better oil because of the things we learned. Of course it’s already GREAT and we continue to rack up awards despite our small production and limited history as producers.

If you’d like to order oil, remember our signature 500 ML bottle is now priced at $25. You can order here and have the oil shipped, or you can pick it up at one of our two locations in Pleasanton (upstairs in the Hopyard Village) or Livermore (near Campo di Bocce).

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