First Competition = First Award!

We can’t believe it! D’Oliva Olive Oil is still young, so until now the quality of our oil has not been publicly recognized. But we recently submitted a bottle to the California Olive Oil Council competition. Along with many other producers, we were judged for quality, taste, and overall excellence.

Can we shout that again? Our very first competition, and we won a silver medal!

There were endless smiles and shouts of joy in the office when we received the email notification. It’s so great to know our hard work is being recognized by outside experts. We always knew the oil was good, but we’re thrilled to see others agree!

Now is a good time to stock up. It will certainly go fast with this new recognition! You can use this form to send us your order.

While you’re at it, be sure to pick up some of our other products like our beautiful new bar soap, our estate harvest in half gallon bottles, or the last of our (also wonderful) 2013 Late Harvest oil with a slightly softer flavor profile.

Looking forward to hearing from you.