Although we don’t have a full-time staff, the process never would have been possible without these people!


Roy is the best husband, friend and side kick anyone pursuing a crazy endeavor could hope for!


My son and the best working partner out in orchard. He’s great with any project that involves equipment and dirt!


Bob knows all things Ranch related and can fix just about any piece of machinery!


My daughter Rachel is the official photographer and the unofficial marketing consultant for D’Oliva. With a business degree, a great camera and an amazing eye, she’s the perfect addition to our team.


Cirilo and his team have been essential for the occasional odd job that requires more than D’Aun can handle!


Sadie loves to run rampant in the orchard and keeps me company on those long days of weeding.

In Memory of Walter, 1913-2011

Walt lived at the Sunol Ranch for nearly forty years and was a regular presence in the olive grove.  He mowed the field, repaired wagons, and supervised all kinds of projects with his infinite wisdom. He is truly missed.