Below are some of the resources and partners who are helping d’Oliva Olive Oil. These are some great resources for a Bay Area olive grower.

UC Davis Olive Center

The UC Davis Olive Center offers courses and conferences for anyone wanting to learn more about the world of making olive oil. Their website is very helpful and can be found here.

Sean McEntire

Sean McEntire, owner of Napa Valley Olive Tree Management Company, is the guy who got D’Oliva moving in a forward direction. You can email him here.

McEvoy Ranch

McEvoy Ranch produces one of my favorite olive oils. They offer helpful information for the grower and fun educational tours. McEvoy is the place where D’Oliva’s trees were born!

Olive Oil Source

The Olive Oil Source has information galore on all things olive oil.  Great place for those gorgeous stainless steel oil fustis and harvest nets.

All American Fence

Bill Meyers of All American Fence is the guy to call if you need to keep those deer out of your orchard.

Wild Wing Company

John Schuster of Wild Wing Company builds and installs wonderful owl boxes. We now have barn owls to help with unwanted critter control.

Enrique Covarrubias

Enrique Covarrubias is a hard working guy who built the tractor and wheelbarrow access form the shed to the orchard. You can email him here.

Richert Lumber

Richert Lumber has supplied organic mulch and much of the hardscape items to beautify the areas around the orchard.