D’Oliva’s Founder

D’Aun Goble is the founder of D’Oliva Olive Oil. After studying economics & business in college, raising two kids, working for the family real estate company, and constantly redoing her yard and garden, she eventually decided to pursue her hidden passion for farming. Knowing of her love for olive oil, her husband suggested olives as a possibility, but it wasn’t until a 2008 trip to Spain and later to Italy that the idea really began to take shape. With the help of classes at UC Davis, a few key consultants, and a supportive family, the first olive trees were planted in 2009.

An outgoing and high-energy personality, with a friendly smile and quick laugh, D’Aun has brought her character into the D’Oliva operation. Her engaging personality inspires friends and family to pull weeds, dig holes, push heavy wheel barrels and harvest until well after sunset. Her son Jedd and daughter Rachel have been involved since the first planting. And though Roy, her high school sweetheart and husband of many years, much prefers to argue with suppliers about price and negotiate with contractors, he has been known to regularly put on his boots and pull some weeds.