Big Changes for D’Oliva

Change has come for D’Oliva Olive Oil, and I wanted our loyal customers to hear the news.

Eight years ago we planted the first olive trees in the D’Oliva grove. They were tiny one-gallon specimens that have grown fast and today are 8-10 feet tall with trunks at least six inches thick. They have produced a delicious olive oil, as evidenced by multiple gold and silver medals!

This success is the result of a lot of hard work. Long summer days fighting the olive fruit fly, dusty days mowing the weeds, and some new challenge always around the corner. In other words, real farming!  It is the honest effort of working the soil and producing a great product.

And I have loved it! I’m a gardener at heart and a lover of fresh food, so the whole experience has been incredible.

Still, the time has come for a break. Not a complete exit from the business, I’m not ready for that! The physical challenge of farming does take a toll.  Plus, the need to always be present creates conflicts when married to a husband who loves to travel!

In late 2016 I hired an olive oil consultant, Kathryn Tomajan, for a few hours to continue the improvement of our oil. In the course of our meeting we established a friendship, and I found out Kathryn had a strong interest in someday having her own small olive grove.

One thing led to another, and now Kathryn leases the grove! She and her partner Robin Sloan plan to continue the same hands on care of the trees with the same goal of producing the best extra virgin olive oil possible. Her background in the business will be a huge benefit, and I fully expect the awards to keep coming to our little grove.

D’Oliva will continue to operate as usual this year. We have a large inventory from our 2016 harvest, and we will get a small amount of the 2017 and 2018 harvests from Kathryn.

But here’s the thing – our inventory is now quite limited and will sell out fast. If you want the original D’Oliva, hand grown by me, I hope you will place an order before it’s gone. This is your chance to have our most highly honored oil ever on your kitchen shelf!

Thank you for being a loyal customer. Many of you are dear friends who helped plant, weed, harvest, sort, and bottle! These two years will go by fast, so I’m hoping for your continued support.

Thank you for everything.  With my love and gratitude,


Back when the trees were just being planted!


Me and Kathryn.


The trees today.