How D’Oliva Makes Great Olive Oil

Our customers love to know about the olive oil process and ask great questions. So we thought you might like to know what steps D’Oliva takes to make sure our oil is fresh when it arrives on your table. Here are just a few things we do to deliver the best oil possible.

Several weeks before harvest, we shut off the irrigation. Excessive water in the olives can cause increased oxidation in the fruit. Oxidation is an enemy to fruit and especially olives.

Prevention of pests throughout the season (our nemesis…the olive fruit fly!) makes a huge difference in the quality of fruit. And harvesting by hand results in minimal damage to the skin of the olive. We take this beautiful fruit to the olive mill, getting it there as soon as possible, before it has time to start breaking down.

Once the oil is milled, it racks for a few months, allowing the sediment to settle out of the oil. Racking allows for a clean oil before bottling, which will store much longer on your shelf.

We store our oil in stainless steel Fustis before bottling into dark amber bottles. In addition to oxidation, light can quickly break down oil quality.

Lastly, our oil stays in a temperature controlled storage room until you pick it up or it is boxed and shipped. This makes a huge difference in how long our oil will stay fresh.
Our next blog post will share best practices in storing and using your olive oil at home.

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PS Below you’ll find pictures of our newest orchard addition Sammie during harvest! Plus fresh oil pouring into a Fusti, and the first shipments of oil ready to go!