Goble Ranch Honey

IMG_2901About a year ago, a bee keeper approached us about keeping their bees at our Ranch. These are traveling bees that have quite an annual schedule. They go from North Dakota during late summer to pollinate clover fields, to our place in Sunol during the winter, to the Fresno area where they pollinate almond trees, then back to Sunol in late spring where they feed on the eucalyptus trees, olive trees and wildflowers.

We just received our first batch of Goble Ranch produced honey and it is absolutely yummy! I am not an expert on honey, but never expected Eucalyptus/Olive/Wildflower honey to be so flavorful yet mild. After several days of sticky bottling, we have bottles all ready to go!
For a limited time, purchase two 500 ML bottles of olive oil and we will include a free 12 oz jar of Goble Ranch Honey PLUS a free bar of our Lavender Olive Oil Soap!! If you prefer to order our oil in different sized bottles, just order $50 or more of D’Oliva oil and you’ll receive the same great bonus.

To get this great deal, on the checkout page enter SWEETDEAL in the Order Notes box.