Hoping for a big crop this year

It’s always fun to watch the olive trees change through the seasons. This is the time of year when the fruit sets on the tree and we get our first inkling of the harvest size. The picture below shows how the buds have just recently turned into tiny little olives. From the looks of things it should be a great harvest.

No guarantees just yet though! The recent California drought, a surprise storm, even those pesky gophers can all have an impact. The most important factor is definitely the olive fruit fly, which has destroyed many olive crops around CA and the world in the past several years. We’re working hard to keep any damage to a minimum.

Olives are alternate bearing, which means a heavy yield is usually followed by a weak yield. Last year we had a small crop so we have high hopes for this November.

Our inventory is unusually small due to the small harvest last year. If you want to make sure you get a bottle (or two) then order now before it’s all gone!