Our Biggest Order Ever!

Summer has kicked in with high heat and clear skies, and the trees are responding!  The orchard looks good, and the fruit is setting right on schedule.
Product Shots-8250
Last month D’Oliva received its largest order ever with over 20% of our 2013 production going into some very lucky hands!  With our next harvest not available until the spring of 2015, we begin this summer with a much leaner inventory.
If you’d like to purchase the 2013 Estate or Late Harvest oils, place your order soon to assure you don’t miss out.  We also have a few half-gallon bottles of Estate oil, and our wonderful lavender soap is still available.

You can place your order here.
Time will tell what the yield will be for 2014, but we hope for another solid harvest.  If we keep getting orders like this, we’ll need all the oil we can get!

We hope your summer is filled with friends and family, great food and warm summer evenings.