Spring is Here!

Winter is definitely gone and Spring is here! We can certainly see this in the D’Oliva orchard as the trees come alive with new growth.
Of course everything else in the orchard comes alive too! We are nearly done with weed control for the season. Thankfully (or unfortunately) the work was not as bad this year because of low rainfall totals.

The pesky olive fruit fly becomes active about now and is a challenge throughout the olive growing world. Last year we lost at least 1000 pounds of olives to the little pest, so we’re trapping early and taking extra precautions this year.
The gophers and squirrels also become active. They can harm a root system to the point of killing a young tree. So we’re being vigilant!

Good things come alive as well! It’s routine to see turkeys, deer, coyotes, and other wildlife near the orchard (thankfully outside our eleven foot fence).

It’s a birders paradise with raptors soaring overhead, the owls hunting in the early evenings, and plovers making their nests in the shade of our trees.
We’re grateful to see the orchard thriving this Spring. The early buds on the trees are plentiful so we are looking forward to another great harvest. Even our younger trees are loaded.

So the 2014 harvest looks promising! We have our wonderful 2013 (silver award winning…ahem!) oil still available. You can place your order here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

D’Aun (and all the orchard critters)