Planting Day!

Celebration Dinner!

Getting started! Each tree variety to its new location.

Sadie loving the broken water line!

In the short history of D’Oliva, the biggest events thus far have been October 10, 2009, when the first 200 trees were planted … and yesterday when the last 125 trees were planted.  We had a great time as about 30 friends and family spent the day digging, planting, laughing and celebrating.  Under the watchful eye of my orchard consultant, Sean, and the bemused eye of my golden retriever, Sadie, all 125 trees were carefully given a new life in the orchard.  Hopefully they will be there for decades – even centuries – to come.

Planting a new orchard is an expression of confidence.  There has to be confidence in the future to plant something that takes years to produce.  Even beyond a hope in the future, it takes confidence that the soil will sustain, the rains will refresh, and the sun will nurture the trees for years to come.

Yesterday was the kind of day that builds that confidence.  A beautiful day of sunshine, mild weather, and great fun.  Topped off by an evening of incredible food prepared by my friend Carrie and great wines chosen by my husband Roy.  Good friends, loving family, gorgeous weather, a day in the orchard, gourmet food, delicious wine … truly a California version of la dolce vita!